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Best Shooting Targets to Get the Most Out of Practice Sessions

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Best Shooting Targets to Get the Most Out of Practice Sessions

If you really want to enjoy gun shooting or training, you need a target. The best shooting targets are explicitly designed for this purpose and are different from boxes or bottles, no matter how many YouTube videos show otherwise.

If you are new to shooting, you are in for a surprise since there are quite a lot of varieties of shooting targets that vary in material, size, and most importantly, the kind of shot. However, most of these are pretty versatile and can literally take any bullet.

The choice of the target reflects on what your goal is, but make sure that you can practice both short- and long-range shooting. To help you end up with the right shooting target, we’ve picked three shooting targets and reviewed them.

Best Shooting Targets: The Contenders

1. Splatterburst Targets Bad Guy Target



The Splatterburst Targets Bad Guy Target measures 12 x 18 inches. It is a patented shooting target which is made in the USA, so you are assured of the quality. Plus, it is backed by a money-back or satisfaction guarantee, which makes it a safe investment.


The main feature of this shooting target is that the shots burst bright fluorescent yellow which allows you to see where you have hit the target instantly. This is especially beneficial for people with limited long sights. It also eliminates the need of binoculars or glasses to view your shot.

It is a heavy-duty adhesive board designed for almost any kind of shot and will stay in place even when you shoot at it continuously. This is ideal for BB Guns, airsoft, pellet guns, air rifles, and shotguns, which makes it suitable for almost all popular guns in the USA. You can also use it for long- and short-range shooting, whether indoors or outdoors.

The torso belly ring spacing on this target is one inch, while the small rings have a three-inch diameter. The red center in the torso is one-and-a-half inches wide and two inches long.

The package comes with two targets, so you can try out a lot of shots in one board. This shooting target is shipped flat to maintain its stiffness, and the splatter does not leave the target, which makes it safe.


  • Highly visible shots even from a distance
  • Great value for money
  • Decently sized shooting target
  • Versatile
    Made in the USA


  • May curl up when hung on its own

2. AR500 Steel Targets


This is a circular shooting target that is manufactured in the USA and a veteran-owned and operated company.


This target is made of a high-quality AR500 steel material and comes with a bead that is blasted in the front and back. The manufacturer also used a high-precision laser to cut it to ensure high accuracy and produce smooth edges.

It comes in different sizes that include D ½ inches, B ¼ inches, C 3/8th inches, and A 3/16th inches. Also, there are different levels of thickness to suit different shots, which means you can use almost any pistols or rifles commonly available in the USA.

Being a fun and efficient target to train on, it can be used for recreational shooting as well as help relieve stress. It produces a sound that lets you know if you have hit it successfully. Likewise, the bullets would vaporize or shred into pieces on impact, and the shots will not penetrate at all so you can rest assured it will not hit the wall or stand behind.

This target comes ready to shoot, and all you need to do is hang it and begin shooting. That said, the half-inch bolt holes work best with this shooting target. Do note though that you cannot use steel-made ammunitions and bullet speed should be at least 2850 FPS.


  • Highly versatile
  • Extremely hard
  • Smooth surface
  • Made in the USA


  • Chipping on the edges

3. BW Casey Action Spinner


This is designed for centerfire handguns up to .44 magnums, and it weighs 5.15 pounds, which makes it a heavy option.


The steel used in the construction of this shooting target is 3/8th inches thick which is enough for most types of shots. It comes with two large circles wherein one has a diameter of three inches, and the other is at four-and-a-quarter inches. This design makes it easier to see and hit the exact target even from a long distance.

The two discs spin for the big bore pistol shooters, and it can be heard when the bullet impacts, making it clear if you were able to hit it. They spin adequately, making it a perfect shooting target for advanced level shooting and self-defense practice.

When using this target, it is best to keep a wide back area, especially since the middle section may not be as sturdy as the shooting target circles. Also, since it is curved, there is a risk of your bullet going off in some other angles.

Additionally, the minimum shooting distance should be less than 10 yards. At such a close range, goggles are a must as there is a risk of metal coming back at you.


  • Perfect for practicing handguns
  • Thick metal used
  • Good value for money


  • Not for rifles
  • Sits a bit near the ground


The three products we reviewed above qualify as the best shooting targets because of their design, visibility, and construction. Also, if we talk about short or long range, any of these should do fine. That said, when choosing between the three, it depends on what gun you own.

The Splatterburst Targets Bad Guy Target and the AR500 Steel Targets are designed for multiple kinds of guns. On the other hand, if you are using handguns, the BW target is more suitable for you.

The Splatterburst Targets Bad Guy Target though stands out because you can clearly see where you hit the target. Plus, it is large and adequately thick, which is perfect for practice shooting or just when you’re having fun at a shooting range.

That said, if you are no longer a beginner, the AR500 target might be for you. It is obviously the strongest, and you can also find much variety in terms of size. It costs comparatively more but considering you are getting something designed and made in the USA, it is worth the money.

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