Best Tactical Jackets for Those Who Love Adventure

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Best Tactical Jackets for Those Who Love Adventure

When we hear the word “tactical” attached to anything, we assume it’s something made for military men only. However, in the case of tactical jackets, this is not entirely true.

If you go out to get one for yourself today, surely, it won’t arm you enough for a war zone. Nevertheless, the best tactical jackets have the features of military jackets, but they are designed to be worn by civilians as well.

If you are usually combatting rough weather and have a rigorous outdoor schedule, then a tactical jacket is a must-have. Not only are they designed for long-term use, but they help in keeping you warm, and they are versatile as well.

Best Tactical Jackets

If you’re planning to buy a tactical jacket, here’s a list of the three best tactical jackets available online, so you can choose the one for you.

Rothco Special Ops Tactical Jacket

Rothco is a well-known family-owned company. It has been providing high-quality military and outdoor gear for about 60 years. The brand ensures durable and functional products, and this tactical jacket is no exception.


  • Design

This jacket prepares you for survival, all while making sure you look stylish while you’re at it. Complete with a hood and lots of storage pockets, it’s a functional jacket that is not bulky or heavy. Also, you can choose the color you prefer from their wide range of choices.

Apart from that, this jacket has a soft, water-resistant outer shell that is made out of polyester. This means that you can be carefree while going out for hiking, camping, or any other outdoor sports.

Surprisingly, the design incorporates six separate storage pockets as well. All of these pockets are sealed with zippers, so you can carry all your essential gear and keep it safe.

  • Protection

This jacket’s protective features are another plus. It’s constructed with three layers that work together to keep out harsh winds and extra moisture. Also, the triple layers keep you warm when it’s cold outside, and it retains your body heat to keep your temperature constant.

Similarly, you can use the jacket when the weather is warm. The ventilation system makes sure you get plenty of air even when you’re wearing the jacket. There are two ventilation zippers under each arm that will keep you cool.

  • Special Features

Other than the basics, this jacket has other commendable features as well. It has a stand-up fleece collar, which conceals the hood inside it so that you can choose which of them you want to use. Also, there are elastic hooks and loops on the waist and wrists to adjust the fitting according to your physique.

Most importantly, for listening to music and remaining connected on the go, there’s a wire port in the chest pocket. There is also an open top pouch, which is ideal for storing your mobile phone. There are internal pockets to store other valuable items as well.


  • Easy to attach morale patches
  • Allows quick access to pant pockets
  • Can store small and large items
  • Comfortable to wear and provides warmth
  • Can also be worn on hot days


  • Expensive
  • Designed only for hardcore, professional users


FREE SOLDIER is a trusted brand when it comes to durable outdoor gear. From tactical shoes to backpacks and eyewear, this brand has it all. Their tactical jacket is comfortable, warm, and reliable, all in one.


  • Design

The jacket has a sleek, stylish design perfect for active men out there. It has a unique 3D tailoring system, which makes it functional without looking bulky.

The portable hood with the hat brim keeps snow and rain away from your face when you’re facing harsh weather. Also, you can adjust the hood to fit you. Most importantly, you can tuck it away neatly into a collar style when not in use.

  • Protection

In addition, this jacket has what it takes to combat rains and harsh winds. The outer layer is of DINTEX material, which is soft and effective against water and moisture.

On the other hand, the inner layer, made out of fleece, works to protect you against the heat. It also retains your body heat when it’s cold to keep your temperature stable.

Both of the materials used are breathable and lightweight, so you won’t feel any strain while wearing the jacket even for long durations. Also, to protect against piercing winds, the collar has a protective cord. The contractible rope keeps your neck safe against cutting winds.

  • Special Features

The storage system on this jacket is commendable. It has up to seven different storage pockets and compartments. These are enough to carry all your important gear and gadgets safely tucked in.

Apart from those, the two chest pockets have a headphone jack as well. This means that you can listen to music and answer calls without taking your phone out of your pocket.

In addition, the pockets on the arm have sturdy Velcro attachments. This provides maximum security to store essential travel items. The back pockets have double zippers to facilitate secure storage as well.


  • Keeps the wearer cool
  • Zippers do not break easily
  • Can fit a wide range of sizes
  • Available in eight patterns and colors
  • Keeps the rain out effectively


  • No concealed pockets
  • Hood drawstrings are inside the jacket, making them difficult to operate

TACVASEN Men's Tactical Jacket

TACVASEN has been a leading brand in men’s clothing for the last three years. It provides a vast range of products with a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. Let’s check out the things you’ll get to enjoy if you buy its tactical jacket.


  • Design

This jacket is specially designed for tactical use, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who come across harsh weathers and rough conditions on a regular basis. Made out of waterproof polymer, this jacket will keep you dry when you’re out rafting, fishing, or just hiking in the rain.

In addition, this jacket has a hood and a stand-up collar. You can change between the two according to your environment and preference. Also, the long sleeves are great to keep your hands warm. The sleeves come with a thumb hole so that they won’t be a nuisance while handling things.

  • Protection

The jacket is made out of fleece material, which makes it warm and lightweight at the same time. The fleece lining retains your body heat and keeps the winds out without feeling heavy or looking bulky.

Also, the jacket has a bundle patch on each arm. This provides extra cushioning during rough use.

  • Special Features

This tactical jacket has lots of exterior pockets to store all the gear you need for your outdoor excursion. These pockets are equipped with durable zippers to keep you worry-free.


  • Comes in five different colors
  • Has a special pocket for phone and small accessories
  • Available in six sizes
  • Does not break the bank


  • No side zipper pockets
  • No internal pockets


After reviewing all three of the products in detail, we found that the Rothco jacket definitely takes the title as the best among the rest. Like the ones from other brands, this jacket has durable construction and great storage. However, what makes it stand out is the internal storage option to keep your possessions extra secure. Also, the adjustable waist and cuffs, detachable hood, and shoulder patches surely seal the deal.

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