How to Practice Shooting a Gun: A Complete Guide

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How to Practice Shooting a Gun: A Complete Guide

Owning a gun is not enough, but you also need to practice shooting to make sure you can use the weapon in your defense when the time comes or during tense situations. When you practice shooting, you understand your gun better, get familiar with your ability, and can develop necessary shooting skills. So how to practice shooting to make sure you are all ready to face any severe or unwanted situation?

How to Get Ready?

Before practicing how to shoot, it is important to get familiar with your weapon. The first thing you need to learn is the different parts of your gun and their uses. Next, you need to practice reloading your pistol.

So how do you reload a gun? Here are the simple steps:

  1. Release the magazine by pressing the release button
  2. Clear the magazine and grab a new one
  3. Insert the new one in the correct direction
  4. Release the slide

It may look like a simple process, but in a tense situation, it is easy to forget about even the simplest of procedures. The key is to practice the steps until it becomes muscle memory.

Keep in mind that reloading the gun quickly can give you an advantage over others. Hence, you must be able to reload your pistol without even looking at it.

How to Practice Shooting?

Once you know how to reload your pistol and have enough practice, you can move onto the next step, which is practice shooting or using of the gun. There is no use in getting knowledge or being familiar with your weapon unless you practice its use.

Shooting or tactical training is the best way to get yourself ready in case you need to use your weapon in real-life situations. When practicing gun shooting, you can train for several techniques, as well as defensive and aggressive shooting.

1. Target Practice

First, if you are practicing your shooting skills on a target, you first need to determine the distance between the target and your shooting position. According to the FBI, if the size of the target is ten inches or larger, try shooting the target from seven yards.

Stand in a lower gun stance, which is a ready position. From this position, pull your pistol up as fast as possible to firing position. It is essential to aim at your target in a real gunfight quickly. If the target aims at you first, you will be in defensive position.

Once you are in the right position with the aim at your target, focus on the front sight of the pistol. Before shooting, wait until you see the front sight between the rear sights, which is called flash sighting. This is when you need to pull the trigger.

If your aim and sight are right, you must hit the ten-inch target from the seven-yard distance. You must practice repeatedly to improve your speed since, in shooting practice, speed is equally important as shooting the target.

2. Bursting the Target

You can switch your positions from seven yards to ten yards to practice shooting from different distances. However, as you get better with a single shot, start practicing bursts into the target. You can start with two shots in a go, and then increase them to three and four, and make sure to get the flash sight again between each shot.

What should you aim for when practicing gun shooting? Well, if you can put three shots into the ten-inch target within a second and a half, you have achieved perfection.

3. Using More Than One Target

Real-life situations are often unpredictable, which means it is not always a possibility that you face only a single attacker or target. There may be situations when you may have to face multiple attackers, so to prepare for such situations, you also need to practice with multiple targets.

For this, set at least three targets with each at a distance of a yard or slightly more from each other. Now, practice one shot at each target. You must practice one shot at a target instead of bursts because when facing multiple attackers, you need to move onto the other target as quickly as possible.

Practice moving around, change the order of your movement, and ask someone to tell you which one to shot in order to get better. That is because you need to make sure you are hitting the targets in less time. Also, most importantly, you must hit all three targets since if you have missed one, you have lost the battle.

When starting with shooting multiple targets, first you need to shoot all three or more targets from standing in one position. Once you master this, next is to learn shooting while moving. If you are moving when shooting, it will be difficult for your attackers to aim at you.

You must set multiple targets at a distance of ten to fifteen yards from your shooting position, and increase the distance between each target from one yard to few more yards. With this setting, you can practice shooting while running towards and away from the target in different directions. Make sure to improve your speed gradually and burst two shots at a target when shooting while moving (to increase the chances of you hitting the target).

4. “Human” Target Practice

Once you have practiced with a common ten-inch target, you can move on to “human” target practice. The “human” targets available for shooting comes with two key areas to shoot: the head, which is more difficult to aim and the center of the chest, also called the thoracic cavity. To make your shots lethal, you must target hitting any of these spots.

The Final Words

We have listed all the basic information for those who want to learn how to practice shooting a gun. You can start with practicing how to reload your weapon, and then moving to a single target, followed by using multiple targets. After which, practice shooting while moving, and lastly, practice using “human” targets.

This is enough to prepare for the real-life tense situations, which will make sure you don’t panic when the situation arises.

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