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Mpow Safety Ear Muffs Review

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Mpow Safety Ear Muffs Review

Anyone who has gone to a shooting range, whether indoor or outdoor, knows how loud it can get. Being constantly exposed to loud noises causes both minor and major hearing damage. Either way it is important to protect your hearing to avoid permanently damaging your sense of hearing.

Your ears are made with very delicate structures and the sounds of gun, even in an open space, reverberates inside the ears. Although the initial ringing and humming may disappear after the shot has been fired, leaving your ears unprotected is never a good idea.

Protecting your sense of hearing is a big priority. This is why workers in factories and other places that have loud machinery and sounds are required to use ear muffs.

As someone who is involved in recreational activities that involve being exposed to harsh noises, you should do the same. Once your hearing has been damaged there is no way to bring it back to what it used to be.

The Mpow Safety Ear Muffs are a great choice for ear protection. Learn more about their features, pros and cons in this review.

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Features of Mpow Safety Ear Muffs Review

  • Certified for both ANSI S3.18 and CE EN521
  • Has 2 layers of professional grade noise dampening foam
  • Double-shelled, high sealing solid cup
  • Offers an SNR of 34 dB and an NRR of 28 dB
  • Meets US and European standards
  • Isolates passive noise, not active noise canceling
  • No batteries required
  • Great for hunting, indoor shooting, racing, concerts, and other environments that require noise cancellation
  • Folded and padded
  • Retract easily
  • Adjustable for kids to wear
  • Comfortable and protect ears well
  • Reduces noise to a comfortable level
  • Lightweight, easy to store


Simplicity is the biggest advantage of the Mpow Safety Ear Muffs. Lots of noise-canceling ear muffs are marketed for shooters but they are expensive due to their advanced features.

These ear muffs are very basic which means they can be used for just about any loud environment. This makes them perfect for kids to use at race tracks, concerts and other places where loud noises can be damaging to a child’s hearing.

It is also an advantage that the ear protectors are very adjustable and can fit any member of the family that needs to use them.

The Mpow Safety Ear Muffs are very affordable as well so even if you are not an avid hunter or shooter you can use them around the house for doing chores. They provide users with a quiet and peaceful environment while reading and studying, and can even block out the noise of a chainsaw and other high-powered equipment.

When you are done using these ear muffs you can easily fold them to a small and compact size and store them away until you need them again. This makes them very convenient to use and carry around.

People who like spending time at the shooting range or going on hunting trips are also very pleased with the Mpow Safety Ear Muffs. Although they do not have the added tech of some hunting ear muffs they do the job of keeping noise at a minimum. Plus, since they are very simple and basic no batteries are needed which cuts down costs as well.


The biggest advantage of the Mpow Safety Ear Muffs is that they are simple, but this is also their biggest disadvantage. Many users claim that they do not cancel out noise completely; they just lessen the intensity so that your hearing is not damaged.

Before you decide to purchase these, keep in mind that they are very basic and do not come with fancy tech or padding that most people expect from ear muffs. They do the job of keeping sound levels to a minimum so that your hearing is not affected.

The Mpow Safety Ear Muffs are not the best kind of ear muffs for shooting ranges because they do not give the perks of hearing nearby conversations. This means you can miss instructions and cues that you need to pay attention to in the shooting range or during hunting trips.


The Mpow Safety Ear Muffs are the perfect pair of everyday ear protectors. They are best for doing chores that involve loud machinery or for children attending concerts.

They are very affordable and basic, but they may not be the best ear muffs for hunters who require other technologically advanced features.


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