What Is a Tactical Jacket?

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What Is a Tactical Jacket?

If you’re planning to go out for recreational or military expeditions, wearing the proper attire is very important. Usually, that includes proper tactical shoes, eyewear, and tactical jackets. But what is a tactical jacket exactly?

In this article, you will know the basics of tactical jackets including what it is, what its different uses are, and what features you would expect from a good-quality one. Are you ready to dive into the world of tactical jackets? Read on!

What Is a Tactical Jacket?

While, back then, a tactical jacket is a required accessory for military men, its amazing features and durability caused it to make its way to civilian clothing as well. When picturing a tactical jacket, you can expect weatherproofing, lots of storage, water resistance, and much more.

Simply put, a tactical jacket is a jacket that you wear to help combat extreme conditions. Those who live an active lifestyle by spending it outdoors on exciting excursions definitely need one (or more!) in his wardrobe.

Different Uses of Tactical Jackets

Military tactical jackets are designed to serve different uses than typical ones. Here are some ways a tactical jacket can prove to be beneficial:

  • Weather-Proofing

As mentioned above, tactical jackets are made out of weatherproof material. You can go out for water sports, snow sports, or tackle the mountains, and this jacket will survive it all. The outer coating is also tough against tears and impacts, so drilling winds and blizzards won’t harm it at all.

Apart from the material, a tactical jacket has contractible strings around the wrists and the hood so that you can tighten it around yourself to keep the winds out. The best part is, you can wear them in summer as well.

Most tactical jackets have ventilation zippers to keep the wearer cool in the warm season. Usually, they’re located under the arms and at the back. These zippers maintain good air flow so that the wearer won’t feel stuffy.

  • Functional Design

As mentioned, a tactical jacket is usually intended for military use, which is why you won’t find vibrant colors or funky design elements on it. Instead, the colors and design are usually based on functionality. Dark colors such as green, black, brown, and navy blue make the jacket suitable for long-term use.

Similarly, the overall outlook is based on a minimalistic approach. This means that it's low on ornamental features. Nevertheless, it has functional elements that are set up in a way that looks great as well. This includes prints that blend with the vegetation or your hunting environment.

  • Material

Tactical jackets are known for their highly durable but lightweight materials. The outer coating is soft and noise-proof but provides the ultimate protection against water and abrasions. This is great for hiking and camping trips.

Also, when you want to be swift and sneaky at the same time, you’ll need something that’s not too heavy and reliable. A tactical jacket is a perfect choice for such scenarios.

These jackets sport multiple layers as well. The internal lining made of fleece or other materials keeps you warm while you’re on the go. Also, it retains your body heat to make sure your body temperature remains stable during harsh winds and rain.

Additional Features

Now that you know what is a tactical jacket, it is high time that you also learn about the features that you would want to look for. Apart from the we’ve tackled earlier, tactical jackets have some features that you won’t find in their counterparts. Let’s have a look at the features that make them different.

  • Ample Storage

This is the best feature of tactical jackets. There is a place to keep everything that you’ll need on your trip. You’ll find pockets at the back, front, on the arms, and the chest. What’s more, all of them have zipper closures to keep your things safe.

Some brands also provide double-sided zippers so that the wearer can have access to the pockets easily. Other than that, there are secure internal pockets as well. This means that it’s easy to store your valuables when you are wearing this jacket if you think you’ll be entering a compromising situation. This makes it great for small things like keys, cards, and jewelry.

The chest pocket has amazing features for those who need to stay connected. Some have a double pocket with a headphone and wire port, allowing you to communicate while on a trip, or just listen to music if you’re hiking, all while your phone is safe in your pocket.

The back pockets usually have two zippers on both sides. This makes them easily reachable with both hands, so when one is busy, you can use the other to take out your gear. This is great for storing essentials such as an inhaler, medicines, or prescription glasses.

Most jackets have almost five to eight pockets altogether. The internal pockets and zipper features vary with brands, so you should check their respective specifics before making a purchase.

  • Accessibility

When you’re on a military expedition, you want your clothing to be convenient and easy to use. Tactical jackets are ideal for that.

For example, most tactical jackets have interchangeable hoods and collars. The hood is concealable under a zipper located under the stand-up collar. This means that you can use it when you want to or just stow it away. Some brands have foldable hoods so that they can be turned up like a collar when not in use.

Also, the jackets have a sturdy zipper closure at the front. The material of the zipper depends on the brand, but they allow you to close up or leave the front open according to your needs.

  • Customization

Tactical jackets are made for serious users who want their clothing to last them long term even after rigorous usage. Because of this, the designs are limited to product attributes such as camouflage and heat proofing. Despite that, most brands offer at least five to 10 colors to choose from.

In addition, there’s a wide range of sizes to fit each person perfectly. Mostly, leading brands offer sizes from S up to 6XL. That’s because a military professional won’t want to go out into the field wearing baggy attire—that just doesn't go with the image.


Based on the features and the quality, you can get your tactical jackets for as less as $20 and as much as $100. That doesn't mean that the pricey ones are the best, though. Generally, you’ll get a good-quality tactical jacket that’s durable and long-lasting, for about $30 to 50.


A tactical jacket is not usually on everyone's shopping list, but it’s essential for military men and a good investment for people with an active lifestyle. Contrasting from your normal jacket, it can withstand rough weather, tough handling, rigorous use, impacts, and abrasions.

Also, there’s room for everything that you’ll need to carry along with you. You can keep your gear and possessions safe while paying attention to your job or recreation. It’s the most versatile attire for all campers, hikers, and climbers.

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