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What Kind of Ear Protection for Shooting?

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What Kind of Ear Protection for Shooting?

Gearing up for your time at the shooting range involves considering what kind of ear protection is best for shooting.

Many if not all indoor and outdoor shooting ranges require their patrons to use ear protection gear for their own safety. Leaving your ears exposed to the loud sounds of a gun firing is dangerous because it can result in severe and permanent loss of hearing.

As part of their safety precautions and to avoid lawsuits, shooting ranges will not let you shoot a gun without ear protection. As a responsible gun owner and shooter you should also consider ear protection as an important part of your gear.

What Kind of Ear Protection for Shooting?

If you’ve been spending extra money renting out ear muffs or buying disposable ear plugs it might be time to consider what kind of ear protection for shooting is worth buying. These are the most common types of ear protecting devices shooters use on the range.

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are the cheapest form of ear protection available. Shooters have been using these for years and they prove effective in limiting the noise levels inside the shooting range. These are some different types of ear plugs used by shooters:

Single-use plugs

Are the cheapest and easiest to find. These are your basic ear plugs which can be found in sporting goods stores and pharmacies and are usually disposed of after use.

They are soft and made of foam that is easily compressed to fit the ear perfectly. Although it might seem like the cheapest option, the price eventually adds up if you frequent the shooting range regularly.

Corded or banded plugs

Are another popular option for shooters when it comes to inexpensive ear protection gear. They are best used by people who move around the range where there is a mix of intense noise and not so intense noise.

The band or cord allows you to easily remove the plugs from your ears and back again whenever you need to do so.

Multi-use plugs

Are the easiest to use and are also budget friendly. There is no need to roll and compress the plugs to fit in your ear before every shooting session. Plus, you do not have to constantly purchase a new one every time you want to go to the shooting range.

Molded plugs

Are the most expensive type of ear protecting ear plugs but are also one of the most popular types on the market. Back in the day you needed to spend over $100 for a custom molded ear plug, but today there are a lot of ready to use varieties you can choose from. This type of ear plug is reusable, washable, and effective.

Electronic plugs

Are now available for anyone who is interested in them. Before only the military had access to this type of ear protection and they used to cost an arm and a leg.

Today, manufacturers have made them affordable and have given these ear plugs features that shooters appreciate like the amplification of ambient noise. This means you no longer have to take your ear plugs out to communicate with an instructor or fellow shooter.

Ear Muffs

These are another form of ear protection that is very popular with range shooters. These protectors seal the ear externally, making them perfect for people with sensitive ears.

You don’t need to put anything inside the ears, but they still offer excellent protection. These are the two types of shooting ear muffs:

Passive ear muffs

Are the basic kind and they have one function: to block out all obtrusive noise including ambient and background noise. Although they are comfortable to wear and are commonly available to be rented at shooting ranges, not everyone likes the feeling of a band and cup obstructing their aim.

Electronic ear muffs

Are all the rage with many shooters today. They incorporate the ability to block loud gun shots to protect the ears while amplifying ambient sounds.

This is best for tactical use and for professional shooters because it allows control and protection without limiting the shooter’s ability to hear.

It doesn’t matter what kind of ear protection for shooting you use as long you have something you are comfortable wearing while shooting. Don’t wait until you have permanently damaged your hearing to start protecting your ears. Protect your ears before it’s too late.


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